GO Stock Customize Options

GO Stock lets set some custom features for every user to feel comfy on his own.

• CHANGE BACKGROUND IMAGE: On instalation folder /config/images, there is this file GOStock_Background.png. Simply overwritting it (keeping its name) with our own file, the background will be modified. The image will adjust itself to the size of the window, which depends on the number of agencies added.



• CHANGE SOUNDS: On instalation folder /config/audio, there are five files with the sounds played at certain points. Simply overwritting them (keeping their names) with our own files, the sounds will be modified.It's a good idea to keep them short.

- addFile.wav | Files added to the list.

- allDone.wav | All agencies transfers are over.
- isError.wav | Error condition.
- oneDone.wav | Some agency transfers are over.
- removes.wav |Files or Agencies had been removed from the lsit.

• CHANGE APPLICATION ICON: For Windows users who wants to create a direct link, on the instalation folder /config/images, there is a file GO Stock.ico with the logo image.


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